NEW RESOURCE - OCTOBER 2011 - 40 FREE info sheets to help parents take action with common SEN issues


Below are the latest PWP Surrey Information Sheets for parents. Our information is regularly updated and the contents in the different sheets may alter to reflect changes in legislation or practice.


Please feel free to print these information sheets as required. If you would like us to sent you hard copies, please contact us on 01737 737300 or by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab on the left hand side of this page.


1.  I think my child has Special Educational Needs- what can I do?

2.  Keep talking

3.  What is the Code of Practice

4.  How are mainstream schools funded to support pupils with SEN? 

5.  Pre-school children with SEN ( See link to booklet below )

6.  What kind of information should be available for parents from their child's school?

7.  The role of SENCO

8.  Individual Education Plans

9.  Preparing for a review meeting

10.  My child does not meet Surrey's criteria for assessment. What does this mean?

11.  A Statement of SEN - what is it and what should it contain?

12.  My child has a Statement - what happens next?

13.  How do I lodge an Appeal with SEND?

14.  My child has a Statement - can their needs be reassessed?

15.  Choosing a school for a child with special educational needs

16.  Transfer to Secondary School

17.  Transition to adult life and services

18.  Local Sector Colleges

19.  Can Special Arrangements be made for pupils taking tests in Key Stages 1, 2 & 3 

20.  Bullying


 Top tips for meetings 

 Checklist for Year Nine Annual Review



For parents/carer of pupils who have been excluded from school:


Exclusion from school (Surrey County Council)

Exclusion from school (Advisory Centre for Education)

Exclusion, SEN and Disability: Support Sheets (IPSEA)




Other resources:


Annual Reviews - a parent's/carer's guide

Pre-School Children with special or additional needs

Are you worried about your child's progress?

Statements - to be read in conjunction with "Are you worried about your child's progress

Surviving adolescence when your child has special needs

Student Resource Pack re ADHD


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