What Is PwP?

Every Local Authority (LA) has to make arrangements for a parent partnership service in their area. Partnership with Parents (PwP) was set up in 1994, and is an arms-length service funded by Surrey County Council.

We provide information, advice and support to parents of children with SEN at all stages of their child's school life, from pre-school through to school-leaving at 16 or 19 and for those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to 25. In this way we support parents to play an informed part in any decisions about their child’s educational provision.


Our services include:

  • A confidential Helpline for parents: 01737 737300 / [email protected]

  • Verbal and written information; advice on rights and responsibilities

  •  Help to complete forms and to understand complex documents and reports*

  •  Information sessions and conferences for parents' groups

  •  Training and workshops

  •  Support at relevant meetings in school or with the Local Authority (e.g. Annual Reviews)*


* subject to staff availability



In addition to the above services, our two Area Liaison Officers work across Surrey to offer advice and guidance to schools, professionals and other educational stakeholders. They also help to develop networks between parents and professionals within the community.

Contact Chris Crane (West Surrey ALO) or Lisa Smith (East Surrey ALO) via our admin line: 01737 737301 or on [email protected]